Endurance Leadership was launched as a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit with the goal of training and empowering leaders who will impact the world. Given the culture we live in today, many seek to simply satisfy their own needs. We strive to inspire people to think beyond themselves, engaging in acts of servant leadership which is desperately needed around the globe. Whether this means taking medical teams to serve in far reaching communities with no aid, living amongst and serving homeless communities in California (where homelessness has become an epidemic), getting involved in local food programs for those who cannot afford to feed their families, partnering with human trafficking groups to confront buyers and care for the victims, serving the servants who are leading on the front lines in difficult communities around the world (so that they don’t grow weary and quit), and so much more. It is our hope that in leading groups of individuals on these types of excursions and activities, that the leadership characteristics learned would carry over into everyday life.

Endurance Leadership strives to leave a lasting imprint on three specific groups. The first group we hope to impact are those who participate on our service excursions and activities. We believe that the best classroom for learning is experience, serving real live people with genuine needs. Secondly, it is our intent that the acts of service and relationships built with the marginalized that we serve, make a significant impact in rebuilding dignity and helping restore those people to health. Lastly, we have witnessed an impact on those who watch us on social media. We have had people get involved in serving others, who have shared that what they saw on social platforms of the individuals who served, moved them enough to get involved; transforming spectators into team players. We have been privileged to have a front row seat to the lives of so many who have been changed in each of the three target groups since we began in 2013. When we live our lives by loving others the way we would want to be loved if we were in their shoes, it is a catalyst that can change the world.

Contact us if you are interested in getting involved: ELExcursions@gmail.com