San Diego Homeless Trips

Since 2015 we have been making annual trips to San Diego to live among the homeless. Why do we do it? The trips originally began as E.L. founder Will Cravens felt led to look for his childhood friend who went missing. He reasoned, If I were homeless, I would hope that someone would come looking for me.” With that, Will made his first trip, not knowing that it would lead to countless more. The trips have become a tangible way to offer hope and encouragement for those who are discouraged and broken on the streets, regardless of what put them there. In addition, we seek to offer assistance and support to those who care for the homeless families and individuals. We come alongside the churches and non-profits who feed the local population on a daily basis, by helping with set up and clean up while we are in town. We “serve the servants” in hopes that the invaluable front-line leaders do not give up.  If you are interested in being part of one of our trips please check out our trip website for more information: